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Industry sector (HS Code) Chapters [06] - [14] Vegetables
Number of companies 365
Location Worldwide
  You can refine your search by Industry Sector below.
Refine by Industry Sector [Chapters 06-14] Number of companies
Bulbs, Tubers, Tuberous Roots, Corms, Rhizomes; Chicory Plants and Roots
Other Live Plants (Including Roots), Cuttings and Slips; Mushroom Spawn
Cut Flowers and Flower Buds (For Bouquets or for Ornamental Purpose)
Foliage, Branches, Other Parts of Plants; Grasses, Mosses, Lichens
Potatoes (Fresh or Chilled)
Tomatoes (Fresh or Chilled)
Onions, Shallots, Garlic, Other Alliaceous Vegetables (Fresh or Chilled)
Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Kale, Other Edible Brassicas (Fresh or Chilled)
Lettuce, Chicory (Fresh or Chilled)
Carrots, Turnips, Celeriac, Other Edible Roots (Fresh or Chilled)
Cucumbers and Gherkins (Fresh or Chilled)
Leguminous Vegetables (Fresh or Chilled)
Other Vegetables (Fresh or Chilled)
Vegetables (Frozen; Uncooked, Cooked By Steaming or Boiling in Water)
Vegetables Provisionally Preserved By Preservative Solutions
Dried Vegetables (Whole, Cut, Sliced, Broken or in Powder)
Dried Leguminous
Manioc, Arrowroot, Salep, Other Roots With High Starch or Inulin Content
Coconuts, Brazil Nuts, Cashew Nuts (Fresh or Dried)
Other Nuts (Fresh or Dried)
Bananas (Including Plantains; Fresh or Dried)
Dates, Figs, Pineapples, Avocados, Guavas, Mangoes, Mangosteens
Citrus Fruit (Fresh or Dried)
Grapes (Fresh or Dried)
Melons (Including Water Melons), Papaws (Papayas) fresh
Apples, Pears, Quinces (Fresh)
Apricots, Cherries, Peaches (Including Nectarines), Plums, Sloes (Fresh)
Other Fruit (Fresh)
Fruit and Nuts (Frozen; Uncooked or Cooked By Steaming or Boiling in Water)
Fruit and Nuts Provisionally Preserved By Preservative Solutions (Brine, Sulphur Water etc.)
Dried Fruit; Mixtures of Nuts or Dried Fruits
Peel of Citrus Fruit or Melons (Fresh, Frozen, Provisionally Preserved)
Coffee, Coffee Husks and Skins; Coffee Substitutes Containing Coffee
Tea, Whether or Not Flavoured
Pepper, Red Pepper
Cinnamon, Cinnamon Tree Flowers
Cloves (Whole Fruit, Cloves and Stems)
Nutmeg, Mace, Cardamoms
Seeds of Anise, Badian, Fennel, Coriander, Cumin or Caraway; Juniper Berries
Ginger, Saffron, Turmeric, Thyme, Bay Leaves, Curry, Other Spices
Wheat, Meslin
Maize (Corn)
Rice (Including Rice in the Husk)
Grain Sorghum
Buckwheat, Millet, Canary Seed, Other Cereals
Wheat Flour, Meslin Flour
Cereal Flours (Other than of Wheat or Meslin)
Cereal Groats, Meal, Pellets
Cereal Grains Otherwise Worked, Germ of Cereals Whole, Rolled, Flaked or Ground
Flour, Meal, Flakes, Granules and Pellets of Potatoes
Flour and Meal of Dried Leguminous Vegetables, Sago, Roots, Tubers, Fruits, Nuts
Starches, Inulin
Wheat Gluten
Soya Beans (Whether or Not Broken)
Ground-nuts (Not Roasted or Otherwise Cooked)
Linseed (Whether or Not Broken)
Rape or Colza Seeds (Whether or Not Broken)
Sunflower Seeds (Whether or Not Broken)
Other Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits (Whether or Not Broken)
Flours, Meal of Oil Seed or Oleaginous Fruit (Other than Those of Mustard)
Seeds, Fruit and Spores of a Kind Used for Sowing
Hop Cones (Fresh or Dried), Lupulin
Plants of a Kind Used for Perfumery, Pharmacy, Insecticidal Purpose (Fresh or Dried)
Locust Beans, Seaweeds, Sugar Beet, Fruit Stones and Kernels, Other Vegetable Products
Cereal Straw and Husks (Unprepared)
Swedes, Mangolds, Fodder Roots, Hay, Clover, Other Forage Products
Lac, Natural Gums, Resins, Gum-resins and Balsams
Vegetable Saps and Extracts, Pectic Substances, Agar, Thickeners
Vegetable Materials of a Kind Used for Plaiting (Bamboo, Rattans, Reeds Etc)
Vegetable Materials of a Kind Used as Stuffing or as Padding (Kapok Etc)
Vegetable Materials of Kind Used in Brooms or in Brushes
Other Vegetable Products
365   Companies Found Showing Page:   of 8
InstaChoice Foods International Inc. [Canada]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are an international food supplier who specializes in the import and export of fresh and frozen foods.
Pipps Hill Ltd [Nigeria]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Pipps Hill Ltd is a leading investor in cash crops creating sustainable production of organic crops for world market. We take particular interest in our products; from planting, through processing/packaging and delivery. We guarantee quality control.
Effective Computer Products [Canada]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We supply components to the industry
Joy Benin Sarl [Benin]
[IMPORTER][Broker / Agent]
Dear Mr/Mrs, We are writting you to inform you of our interst to contract you for a contract supply of t.shirt offer at hand now in Cotonou Rep Du Benin West Africa Regards, Joy
Zhaoqing Warm Sing Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are located in the city-centre of Zhaoqing, in a resource-rich, industrious and beautiful part of prosperous Guangdong Province. We have a license for handling import and export trading as authorized by the Chinese government.
3M for Import & export [Egypt]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
3M for Import & Export work in export Egyptian Herbs & spice, our products we export as the following: Hibiscus- Basil- Peppermint, Spearmint ,Marjoram, Chamomile, Calendula
A&A Brothers [Pakistan]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Products: rice, sugar, raw leather, raw cotton, onion, potato, raw leather, yarn, mango, red chillies, cement.
A.M.R International [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
I wish to introduce myself as a manufacture and exporter of Agricultural food products & Fresh Coconut and oil seeds of copra 1. Fresh coconut, = CIF 9.10 USD PER BAG containing 25 units of matured
ABCitrus International BV [Netherlands]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
ABCitrus International BV is your devoted partner in the import and export of fresh fruit and vegetables. Located in Barendrecht "THE biggest trade center of Fruit & Vegetables in Holland" we distribute eveyday our fresh assortment in the European market.
Abhishek Enterprises [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are manufacturing & exporting male condoms & masterbatches. We are exporting fruits, vegetable, canned food etc.
ABI Marketing [Sri Lanka]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler]
Hai We are newly opend vegetable export compay here in Sri Lanka we are doing all kind of vegitable futits now we are seeking a buyer from moldives we can issue you very good quality stuff in very reasonable price.
Activ Business Company [Poland]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Government, Trading Company ]
We are a trading company with our head office in Warsaw and a field office in Abuja, Nigeria. We are looking for reliable trade partners in fertilizers-NPK, UREA, cement and food products. Available for talks on skype: brad.grierson or by email
Adio & Mabas Company Limited [Ghana]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Our company is a subsidiary of MABAS holding group in Ghana, We are in many tipes of business. Construction, trade, agricultore. We are available to do any type of business in Any country in the world.
Adithiya Exports [India]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are exporting mango pulp and fruits, vegetables, onions, potato, rice, please send me your details.
Agro Energy Products [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturer of coco peat.
Agro Grand-BG [Bulgaria]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Agro Grand-BG ltd is Bulgarian company which main activity is grain producing, import and export. We are owner of the biggest rice processing factory in Bulgaria.
Agrodry Sa de CV [Mexico]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Grodry is a 100% Mexican company that produces tranditional and organic fresh and dehydrated, fruit and vegetables, focused on satisfying our customers needs and based on quality.
Agronart Corporation [Canada]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Agronart Corporation was established to offer professional services to Canadian & Turkish companies which would like to expand their market reciprocally. We import and export - Agricultural Products - Minerals&Chemicals - Canadian Special Crops
Al Manara for General Supplies [Egypt]
[EXPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are an exporting company providing high quality egyptian products. We have a large variety of egyptians products including : -Agricultural products -Confectionery -Stationery & paper products -Plastic products
Al Marryam International [Pakistan]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are Exporter of Different Type of Plant Seeds, Oil Seed, Herbs & Spices, and All Type of Pakistani Rice.
Alashram & Company [Colombia]
[EXPORTER][Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are a company that is specilized in exporting products from Colombia to Middle East
Alegro Gostar Saba [Iran]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Retailer, Trading Company ]
Export:Food, Pesticides, etc
Alico Trading Co Pvt Ltd [Egypt]
[IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Dear sir, We are one of leading importer of foodstuff in Sri Lanka for the last several years. At present, we wanted to import cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds and pop corn in regular basis. If you can supply as per above, pls offfer.
Allied Chemicals Corporation [Pakistan]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
A well known trading house established in 1972 at Karachi with branch office in Lahore has been providing un-match able services to the Pharmaceutical Industries all over Pakistan to their entire satisfaction.
ALPHA NATURA - Herbal Dietary and Nutritional Supplement [Peru]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Natural Peruvian Products: Maca, Stone Breaker, Dragon’s Blood, Purple Corn, Yacon, Camu Camu, Cat´s Claw, Graviola, Noni, Sacha Inchi, Shark Cartilage. Herbal Mix, etc. Presentation: Bottle of 90 capsules (500 mg). 100% Natural.
Anqiu Kangyu Foodstuff Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are a modern company dedicated to the export and import of a wide range of fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables. It is located in the Province of Shandong, the most traditional agricultural production area in China.
anqiu longshan food co.,ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
dried sweet chilli,chilli powder,pepper powder,chilli crush,chilli flake,pepper crush,pepper flake,crushed chilli with seeds Model: 5-8 Mesh,10-12 Mesh,20-25 Mesh,Moisture<12%, Quality: A,B , C, no afflatoxin, no Salmonella,With seeds. Package: 20kg/pla
Anxi Jinghong Tea Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer]
We are from the famous "Tea Town" -- Anxi in China. We provide high quality and healthy tea products for our customers from around the world.
Apollo Fruit [Netherlands]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Retailer, Trading Company ]
Import and export of vegtebles and fruits
Arabia For Shipping [Syria]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
Al Arabia for shipping is a company for import and export Our shipping services are: - Ocean Freight - Air Freight - Land Freight - Insurance Coverage - Providing local pick-up, deliver and interstate trucking Preparing necessary documentat
Arabian Trading Corporation [Saudi Arabia]
[IMPORTER][Broker / Agent]
Import brokers for whole spices, rice, coffee, sugar, wheat, pulses and food additives. Canned foods.
Artis-agro Export Ltd. [Russia]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Artis-agro Export Ltd. is an export-oriented company of Artis group of companies established in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) in 1991. The first company of the group was involved in import operations with food products. Artis began to supply raw materials...
ATCS [Sri Lanka]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are a trading company and we are exporting fresh vegetables and fruits. We are growing the vegetables and fruits in sri lanka. There is a good knowledge in vegetables and fruits with our company. We are seeking over sees buyers.
Bahab Exprot & Consultancy [Turkey]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
BAHAB Export &Consultancy is providing Turkish products and services worldwide. Are you looking for Turkish products? Let us know what you need, we will offer the best option for you. Product groups; Gas Pro Valve and Burner Set Sanitary Diapers Can
Baross Coffee Company [Croatia]
[IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
Import export company for green Arabica and Robusta coffee. We are importing from all Africa countrys, India, Vietnam etc. We are importers and traders, wholesellers with our owen factory and free zone warehouse. Please send us your offers
Beijing Ruipai Science & Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Broker / Agent]
We are professional seller of herbal health and beauty products in China. We provide several kinds of products for weight loss, breast enlargement, hair regrowth, skin care cosmetics, Ginseng Rh2+RG3 anti-cancer, tonic herbs and fungal nail products.
Beijing Wide Area Matrix Co., Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Supply technical services : 1) Set up the extraction and separation manufacture of plant and animal products. 2) Seek course of the biotechnology,chemical, health care product,medicine in our company.
Beijing Yiyuan Economic Trade Ltd [China]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We have exported 20 coutries such as Germany, USA, Japan, spain, Canada, Switzerland, Austria and so on. We are contucting a plan to set up the chinese tea sales center all over the world.
BENKOR s.r.o. [Czech Republic]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer, Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are one of leading Importer Cum Exporter of Spcies , Dehydrated Vegetables , Oil seeds , and other afo food prodcuts . We are dealing in Europe , Indian , Egypt , Chinese , Turkish , Vietnam origin prodcuts
Bhagwati Food Products [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are manufacturer of pulses i.e urad dal, yellow peas, we import them also in seeds such as yellow peas chick peas, green peas, etc. We also export sesame seeds.
Big India Farms [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are currently involved in the strategic sourcing of agricultural products in Central India, and are also building a modern food supply chain. We are also venturing into contract farming by leveraging our knowledge base.
bk trading com [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are having trading business of agriculture product at Gujarat.
Blue Sea [Egypt]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We would like to present ourselves as a young dynamic group very well trained and highly experienced in multinational and professional export and imports companies.
Blueneck International [India]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
We are one of the surplus and stock lot garment supplier from Tirupur. India, we supplying all kinds of Knitted and woven garments like Kids, Ladies, and Men's if your interest means kindly please contact
Botou Yafeng Fruit Co., Ltd. [China]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Botou Yafeng Fruit Co., Ltd. Is a fresh fruit exporter from china. We have 2 registered orchards and 2 packinghouse! We have built the cold storage for 20000 tons. We can supply Chinese asian pear ya pear.
Canada Crops Inc [Canada]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Cancrops Inc strength is Providing Services with Honesty, Integrity and reliability. We are adding large number customers every year to our list of clients and providing best services to our long-standing customers and suppliers.
Canadian Health Empire [Canada]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are privet label natural health products & sport supplement located in Canada and we do import export for vitamin, mineral, whey protein, BcAA
Cape Swiss [South Africa]
[EXPORTER][Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
We supply canned food, wine, frozen pork, lamb, ostrich meat and leather as well as springbok meat and skins.
capital foods [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
manufacturer of supreme quality gram ,gram dall , besan,masoor products and udad products .
Catchrs LLC [United States]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent]
We are a trading company that has offices in both Vietnam, The USA and soon Cambodia. This gives us a unique opportunity to source the best good and companies from all 3 countries in order to supply top quality goods and services for customers.
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